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Monday 11 March 2013


It's March Break for the schools here in Ontario and we are looking forward to company. Paul, Olga, Tien and Minna will be here for a few days of life in the great "white" north. We still have snow and we plan to be outside as much as possible.

First job was to get the sleeping arrangements organized.

Since it's too cold to sleep in the bunkie we moved the mattress up to our guest bedroom. Now everyone will have a warm comfortable place to sleep and a complete bathroom just down the hall. That's a huge step forward considering the living conditions we've been able to offer when guests have stayed in the past. Back then the best we could do was a composting toilet and the lake for cleaning in. Not very suitable in the middle of March.

Another job that we do on a daily basis is feed the chickens. You can see the chicken coop buried under snow just behind the generator. Our girls (chickens) have done just fine throughout the winter. We have 6 girls and get on average 4 eggs a day. We've been saving the eggs this past week so we will all enjoy them when we have company. Fresh free range eggs, none better.

Thanks for stopping by. Safe travels everyone. See you in a month Annie and Marvin.

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  1. Hello folks. It has been such fun catching up on all your news. I am surprised at the mud you have already. We aren't quite at that stage yet. We had a GREAT holiday and are anxious to see you and compare cruising notes. We MUST get over in the next few weeks as that new baby arrives in about 3 or 4 weeks and we'll be busy then. So glad to see your new "things", know your generator is fine and most importantly that you Art have recovered so well. Enjoy your compmany !!!