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Saturday 2 March 2013


I'm always delighted when we see wildlife close to the house. Our biggest delight so far has been this barred owl who has been our neighbour off and on all winter. The other day he showed up, unannounced , looking for supper. I sat and watched him ...... he sat and watched me.

His hearing is so superior to mine that every now and then he would tilt his head and focus on the snow below. I suspect he was listening for mice or voles as they scurried through their snow tunnels.

Then he was air-born, silently drifting west across the yard and disappeared into the trees. I went to the side door to see if he had simply changed perch locations but no sign of him in the trees.

Wait, was that a flutter of wings down by the chicken-coop? Stepping out onto the porch I peered down the hill focusing on the coop but could see no activity............... all was still and quiet.

I climbed onto the woodpile to get a better advantage for viewing and there he was, perched just off the ground focused on whatever little creature was moving under the snow by the coop. 

I hope he got his supper as it was too cold for me to stay outside any longer.

Time for me to get supper started as Mary will soon be home.

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