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Saturday, 15 October 2016


We've used this water tank to collect rainwater which we use on our garden. It has worked very well as it holds 250 gallons.  We are building raised garden beds and expanding our garden so need more water storage capacity. I've ordered 3 more of these tanks and need to build platforms for them to sit on.

First task was to remove the old tank and clear the site ready for the new base.

Using the skid-steer I can do the work myself and get it done quickly.

Lifting the empty tank was easy and now it sits in my storage yard.

Not sure when I'll start constructing the bases but once done I'll post pictures. I would like everything ready for the spring and have the tanks filled by April.

Storing sufficient water for all our gardens will reduce the demand on our well pump which should make it last longer.

Once everything is in place and filled we will have 1, 250 gallons of water in storage.

These tanks are perfect for this application. Wait till you see my latest design to divert the water coming off our roof. No more climbing a ladder and switching pipes to make that happen. At my age I prefer to keep both feet on the ground.

Thanks for stopping by and safe travels everyone.


  1. Can't wait for the next edition. Art, you amaze me!!

  2. Thanks Ruth. We got the other two raised garden beds in place this morning. I'll post those pictures tomorrow. Mary wants to get her ginger planted this week. Life is busy but good back in the bush.

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