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Sunday, 2 October 2016


Yesterday morning we were busy stripping a roof. This is the 3rd roof done this summer by the guys at L'Amable church for members who needed some help with their project.

First the old shingles had to be removed a job that put our old muscles to work. Jimmy and Durl use a special shovel designed to lift the shingle and nails in one pass. Once lifted we were able to toss the shingles into a trailer below saving a ton of labour.

The roof was built from 1x8 planks a much more solid roof than the thin plywood sheets covering most modern houses. Bruce and Roger are busy replacing a board that had a knot and split when stepped on.

One side almost done the other almost ready to start.

Another successful project thanks to the willingness of so many to help.

Today is definitely a day of rest for me.

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