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Saturday 1 October 2016


With the days getting cooler and winter just a few weeks away it was time to get my skid-steer serviced.

Steve from Stewart's garage came and changed all the filters, engine oil and made sure everything was working properly.

Now no more popping the oil plug or having to boost the engine to get it started.

It was great to have the service truck come right to our place; saved me the cost of getting the skid-steer out to their garage.

All my diesel equipment is serviced by them and the guys do a great job of looking after it. When I mentioned to Jack (the owner) that the oil plug would pop on a cold day he knew right away the PVC filter needed to be replaced.

Now we are ready for snow.


  1. Art and Mary, it is very hard to lose a dear friend and you will miss him for sure. It reminds me how fleeting our life on this earth is. When we were young we could hardly fathom the end of our days and yet here we are living our final chapter. I look back and I see how good the Lord was to us and all the ministry He entrusted us with and I am in awe of Him! Thank you Jesus for all the wonderful folks You brought our way.

  2. Thanks Ruth. Your words are so true. How quickly time passes but this is just a stepping stone to eternity. We will get together with Paul some day soon, along with all those who have gone before us. It will be a grand party.