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Sunday, 16 October 2016


Another beautiful day for working outside yesterday. We took advantage of the warm temperatures and got two more raised garden beds moved into place.

Thanks to Mary's help and the use of the skid-steer we were able to get the raised beds off the front porch without a problem.

Each bed was lined with landscape fabric. I'm hoping this will preserve the wood just a little longer. We used hemlock from our local lumberyard and 2x10s to make the sides. Each bed is 24 inches tall, 30 inches wide and 10 feet long.

Logs were added to the bottom which will add nutrients to the soil as they decay.

A layer of soil scraped from the area was added next. This will be topped with garden soil from our local landscape supplier. Unfortunately they were closed when I went yesterday.

We want to be able to easily walk around the complete beds so I needed to remove a log which should have been done first. No problem; I could reach it with the strap and drag it out from behind the bed.

Next week is busy and there is lots of rain in the forecast so it might be Thursday before I get a chance to get a load of mulch.

Looks like it will be the 24th before Mary gets the garlic planted.

As you can see we still have lots of colour on the trees and it feels so good being able to work outside this late in the season. Another two weeks and the trees will be bare and the days much colder. We know that snow can show up anytime now.

Although winter is just ahead, we are already thinking spring, new plants and more raised beds for the garden. First I need to build the platforms for the new water tanks. Always something.

Thanks for stopping by and safe travels everyone.


This is the scene Sunday morning at 7:30. The hoops are simply bent PVC pipes and are used to support the deer netting or plastic protective cover we use. We are very happy with the beds and the amount of produce they yield.

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  1. I love your additional raised beds. You are so very clever to have added them and the extra water tanks. Haven't the leaves been absolutely amazing. Cannot recall them being this lovely for so long.