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Monday 10 October 2016


Another perfect day here in cottage country. We had an overnight low of -5*C so we were in no rush to get moving this morning.
But by 9 we were outside cleaning up and deciding what should be stored and what should be sent to the dump.

Next on the agenda was another raised garden bed to be built. I completed one as you can see in the photo and the other is sitting on top waiting for more nails so I can finish the project. Tomorrow we should have them in place and ready for the garlic planting.

From our kitchen window I spotted something large and orange lying on the forest floor down near our pond. Mary thought it was just the morning light reflecting off the fallen leaves.

This afternoon I went down to investigate and this is what I found; a large orange paper bag.

It resembles a miniature hot-air balloon but made from paper. It is very light and floats easy once tossed into the air.

I'm wondering if it is something from our national weather service or just a bag for carrying a T-light into the night sky. I suspect the latter but can't be certain. Any suggestions?

For now it hangs like a huge jack-o-lantern on our back porch.

Thanks for stopping by and safe travels for all those heading home after a marvelous Thanksgiving weekend.


  1. I think the large orange bag is too big for a tea light. You guys do have an interesting life up there in the woods. I

  2. Thanks Ruth. The bag although large is extremely light and does have a few burn marks on it, much like a cigarette burn in fabric. It is a mystery.