This blog is about our travels in our solar powered "Airstream" and living off grid, in our passive solar home, near Bancroft, Ontario, Canada.

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Sunday 9 October 2016


The drive home was beautiful. The colours are at their best this weekend and whatever road you drive you are awarded with views like this.

Even our little cottage road is overflowing with colour today.

This afternoon we decided to walk our property.

Our pond is now mostly meadow but still spectacular dressed in the fall colours.

Our garden continues to produce and we eat kale, spinach, and lettuce from it every day.

We are expecting a heavy frost tonight so wrapped the garden in a protective blanket.

We can feel the slow shift towards cooler temperatures and shorter days.

It's also the season for homemade soup done on the wood stove.

We love the seasons and the changes each bring.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you folks too!

  2. Hi Art and Mary, I love this time of year the best and because we back onto the woods we have a beautiful array of colour to enjoy from our kitchen. I really enjoyed our time together last week.
    Blessings and love, Ruth