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Wednesday, 3 August 2016


Got a call from Sunnybrook Hospital yesterday; they wanted to see Mary today at 10. We were on the road by 6:30 and arrived just before our appointment.

It is quite a sight to sit and watch so many people dealing with cancer; overwhelming. Mary was registered, weighed, height taken and hospital card issued before we saw the doctor.

He checked Mary's most recent MRI and suggested she have radiation treatment on the tumor. It will neither shrink the tumor nor kill it, but simply put it to sleep.

We had lots of questions and wonder what happens if the tumor decides to "wake-up". Then what?

We will return in October for another MRI and consultation. Hopefully by then we have found some answers to our questions and have a better understanding of what is best for Mary's situation. As the tumor isn't cancerous it isn't a critical issue right now, but if it continues to grow then the pain will return and other complications could arise. Decisions, decisions!!!!

Once home we decided the best medicine was a swim in the lake so out came the noodles so we could drift around the lake.

Once on the water the health issues are soon forgotten. Time to relax and watch the clouds float by.

Thanks for keeping an eye on us.

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