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Tuesday, 23 August 2016


Still no baby. We are hoping this little girl or boy will wait until the 30th or later before making the grand entrance. Until then we have been busy organizing. Not for the baby but for the chickens.

Today I built this outdoor cleaning table for Mary. Thanks to Marvin and Annie we now have a double sink which will make the process so much easier.

It's complete with running water which is easily controlled with one hand.

Maybe next year we will have a foot controlled faucet but for now this will work just fine. The double sinks are connected to a drain so all the water will be sent far from the work area.

Here is a better view of the drain line which will take the water to the side of our hill. Chicken parts will go in plastic bags for disposal and this time next week all the chickens will be in the freezer.

If I don't write for a while it's because I'm patiently waiting for that new grandchild to arrive.

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. the end was the hardest for me! not knowing when, but knowing soon! So exciting!