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Friday, 12 August 2016


Our girls are always waiting patiently for breakfast. They start to squawk as soon as the see us coming down the hill. It's quite a sight.

Mary likes to hose out their feeding trays before starting a new day. We use eavestroughs to hold their food. Works fine although some still climb inside.

We keep the dry food in containers so the mice and chipmunks can't get at it. The day before we use it Mary mixes the different varieties in the orange bucket and covers it with water. This helps the mix to start to ferment which aids the digestion and increases the nutrient content of the mix. Today we added sunflower seeds for the first time.

Forty birds happily enjoying breakfast.

Of course there's always one who can't find a place at the trough.

Another scorcher of a day here. Yesterday we saw 35*C and today will be the same although rain is in the forecast.

Time to feed the chickens and get our day started.

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