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Monday, 1 August 2016


With Sean's help I was able to get one raised garden bed built before breakfast today.
Checking to make sure the box is square and level.
We did the same at the other end.

With both of us working the job was done quickly.

Now we just need to fill it, plant the carrots and lettuce and enjoy the produce well into the fall.

I would like to be able to harvest carrots throughout the winter but that might be pushing the limits of the bed. I have researched using plastic covers to extend the growing season and may try that as we get into the cold weather. I'll post on how that goes later in the fall.

Until then safe travels and thanks for stopping by.

Update - 4:30pm

Found some grey PVC pipe left over from our construction days. You can see how easy it easy to make a "Hoop" cover simply by inserting the PVC every two feet. This will make covering and protecting our vegetables very easy. I can see us using deer netting during the growing season and plastic to extend the season by keeping the soil warm. Always fun to experiment. Now Mary wants two more built. Guess she approves.

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