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Thursday, 11 August 2016


When it's 30*C outside it's tough to be thinking cold, but we know it's coming. Country folks have to be thinking one season ahead, otherwise they may freeze.

With that in mind I decided to tackle the cold-frame project this week. Sean suggested assembling it on the deck which was easy for me to do keeping all the corners square.

Not having a reciprocating saw I chose to use the chainsaw to trim the posts. Not the safest applications but got the job done and no blood was shed.

Now that the box is complete I need to make the cover and move it to the south side of the house.

That job may wait until Sean gets back up here.

Until then I need to start splitting  wood and loading the firewood crates for the fall start to our heating season.

I told you, we are always thinking one season ahead.

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