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Sunday, 14 August 2016


We've enjoyed watching the hummingbirds coming to our feeder this summer.

Yesterday for some reason it was very busy.

The one on the feeder keeps a close watch on the one flying. They are very territorial and aggressively protect their area.

Can you see 3 hummingbirds in the picture to the right? Remember they are moving at incredible speeds and agility for their size. The one bottom left looks to be flying upside down.

Click on this picture to enlarge it. This guy is actually dive bombing the one sitting on the feeder and pushing him away with his claws.

They are extremely aggressive towards each other.


  1. We love those little, fastmoving birds!
    In Holland we don't have them and that is a pity!

  2. Yes, I have one humming bird who dominates the feeder. She spends more time guarding it than drinking.