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Monday, 26 October 2015


Today Paul and Connie came to help Mary work in the bush. Seems to me the closer winter gets the further back into our property we retreat.

Mary gave the orders and we all did what we could. The day went well and everyone enjoyed the sunshine and warm temperature. Paul couldn't have picked a better day to come up.

Even Freckles enjoyed her time outside. She was exhausted by late afternoon and found a sunny spot where the soil was warm for a doggy nap. She kept one ear erect always checking that Paul didn't disappeared.
Time to put away the shovels and head back to the house.
But first we had to pick those pesky burrs off our clothing; can they ever stick. 
It was a great day and now we have more land cleared and raked, ready for us to snowshoe. It will be so much easier this year with new trails cut and marked.

Thanks for all your help Connie and Paul. Come back in January and enjoy our trails.

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