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Saturday, 10 October 2015


Went back to the apple orchard for more spartan apples yesterday. They are firm, crisp and delicious so Mary wanted to take some home.

This machine sorts the apples and those that fall through the holes drop into the bin below and are used for apple cider. Can you see the apples falling into the bin? Apparently only picked apples can be used for apple cider. The ones are the ground become deer apples.
Lots of varieties for sale. What surprised me were the workers, everyone looked old enough to be retired. 
Next stop was the Blackbird cafe in Burnstown for lunch. Every table was occupied so that should tell you something about the quality of the food; lunch was delicious.

We stopped at the local microbrewery here in Calabogie but they were sold out. They've only be in business for eight weeks and can't keep up to the demand. Every business should be that successful.

The week has flown and in a few hours we will be home. Mary has some new projects to make and we've both enjoyed the chance to explore a new area of our province.

Safe travels everyone.

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