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Thursday 8 October 2015


Wednesday after lunch we headed out to find the Eagle's Nest Trail. The colours are at their best and the day was warm and dry.

Part of the trail crossed an old corduroy road. Logs were laid side by side to keep the wagons from sinking into the mud. It reminded the drivers of corduroy fabric, thus the name.

The sugar maples were a beautiful golden against the blue sky.

The lookout point gave us a breathtaking panoramic view of the valley below. 

Time to sit and enjoy the view along with a snack and water. It was so peaceful from this perch, it truly was a bird's eye view. If we just had wings we could have soared all day.

How many others have done the same for an afternoon? This was a sacred site to our native people and for generations they would come and sit and reflect on life. I can see why.

Today we are off to Perth, the birthplace of my sister and first home for my parents. 

Happy Anniversary Carol and Don, I can see why you chose this season to get married, it is a beautiful time to travel.


  1. Thanks Art for being there 44 years ago!
    Don and Carol

  2. Thanks Art for being there 44 years ago!
    Don and Carol