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Tuesday, 13 October 2015


We eat a lot of garlic and Mary prefers the ones she digs from her garden. Garlic is planted in the fall but first the bulbs must be separated and cleaned. It's an easy process as you can see here.

These were planted 6 inches deep and 6 inches apart. Mary put in 150 cloves and we are hoping for a bumper crop next year.

While Mary worked in the garden I worked on the solar panels.

It is time to adjust their tilt for the proper tracking of the winter sun. This will improve the amps going into out batteries as the angle the sun strikes the panels affects the amperage flow.

I use a ladder so I can reach and remove the bolts but I'm thinking maybe a platform would be safer. I think I'll use it in the spring.

We also got some firewood moved up onto the porch. We go through 5 of these crates each winter and having the wood just outside the front door makes it very handy.

This year I was able to cover each crate with tin I got from Marvin. It should keep the wood dry and free of ice and snow as the months pass.

Looks like indoor jobs are on the agenda today as it is pouring rain at the moment.

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