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Thursday, 22 October 2015


Last week Mary got a phone requesting a special halloween costume.

Mary had the material and she was soon busy cutting  and fitting the different fabrics  together.

It didn't take long for the costume to start taking shape.

Once done it was boxed and put in the mail.

Now one little grandson is ready for Halloween. He was so happy to get it he had to call Oma and thank her. He is a treasure.

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  1. Oh I can just imagine the joy of making a costume for would only be outweighed by his sheer enjoyment of it knowing it was made especially for him. Don't seem to get a chance to get online as much as I'd like. I have NEVER been so busy. Judging from your entries you continue to keep up a breakneck pace as well. I am so sad we have not got over your way BUT believe me we have hardly been anywhere. I am not giving up....You are on my list as well as an old friend in Huntsville. I MUST do it. ( I am having my Mom here a bit more often....along with babysitting Mason and dealing with her issues life is rather hectic.) My brother continues to be her full time caregiver but he definitely needs a break. We love having them up here but as you know it is a lot of extra work. We continue to keep busy with the radio shows and this Sunday I am hosting 16 volunteers from the station for a breakfast brunch....... So nice to keep up with your news via your blogs. Wish we could visit in person however. Keep well !!!