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Wednesday, 3 December 2014


Last week Gerry and Jackie gave us some venison for looking after Matthew's chickens. Never having eaten venison we were anxious to give it a try.

Mary checked the internet, found a recipe she liked and put the ingredients in the crock pot. It slowly cooked for five hours and filled the house with mouth watering wild game smells.

The stew was delicious, not strong very much like tender beef. As it cooked the aroma filling the house was strong and we were afraid the meat taste would be overpowering for us, but it wasn't. The recipe called for carrots, yams, onions and potatoes and Mary marinated the meat in lemon before cooking it.

Today we will finish the pot for supper. Thanks Gerry and Jackie for such a delicious meal.

Thanks for writing Tony. Looks like you are having a great time in Seattle.

Update 3 pm

Whiteout conditions as we drove home from town at 3.


  1. Hi Art & Mary, My (Lori's) Grandmother used to cook venison. I don't think the adults told us kids what we were eating. We probably thought it was delicious beef.

  2. Doug just reminded me that she used to cook the venison along with pork, to tame the wild meat.

  3. Hi Lori;

    Yes, the tricks of the adults. My mom said it was pumpkin pie. When we found out she was making it from squash we wouldn't eat it. Since we all wanted the turkey leg Mom d=said our turkey had 4 legs. Everyone was happy. The little ones didn't realize they were eating the wing.

    Hi Jim;

    Mary thought the same but she says it didn't taste anything like your Mom's.

    Thanks everyone for writing.