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Wednesday 24 December 2014


It's foggy here in Northern Ontario this morning. Looks like we will lose our snow and have rain for Christmas. This is not the winter they were predicting.

Although we haven't had internet access for four days we have still been busy. Sunday night we piled into the church bus and visited homes of the senior members who find it difficult to get out this time of year. We spent more than two hours singing and visiting and just having a real good time. We finished with delicious homemade soup back at the church. This was a great way to get into the true Christmas spirit.

As I type Mary has the dough for cinnamon buns rising by the wood stove. Cinnamon buns on Christmas morning are a tradition in the Kelly family. My Mom made the best buns and Mary has followed her recipe successfully. Delicious.

Another hour and the dough should be ready. What traditions do you follow for Christmas?

Many of you will be travelling over the holidays, be safe.

Thanks for stopping by.

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