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Thursday, 18 December 2014


Up here the trees are covered in white, and it looks like a winter wonderland; reminds me of the scenes from Narnia. But in that beauty can be danger. The weight of the ice and wet snow will bring down limbs and trees if they are weakened.

We are ten kilometers back in the bush and drive the back roads to town.  Although out roads are well maintained it is wise to carry a chainsaw in the back of the car especially after an ice storm.

Yesterday a huge branch blocked our way. Mary and I tried to pull it off the road but it  wouldn't budge. Back to the house to get my chainsaw and start chopping the branch so we could move it. I was about halfway done when Scott the road superintendent  showed up and finished the job. Someone had called in the road blockage and within half an hour he was there looking after it. Small town, quick response.

While we all have chainsaws and use them so regularly we don't give them much consideration we should. This week our friend George was felling trees in the bush. He was found unconscious and rushed to Kingston where he is still in a coma. It will be a few days before the doctors will know for sure the extent of damage and the length of recovery. Please pray for George and his family as they struggle with this serious accident.

On a happy note I want to wish my sisters Sharon and Carol, Happy Birthdays. (Carol's birthday is today, Sharon's was last week) May you have many many more and may I get to share your birthday cake when we get together.

Thanks everyone for stopping by and safe travels for those on the road.

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