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Tuesday, 30 December 2014


First thing Owen mentions when he gets here is the Bobcat (skid-steer). Don't get me wrong, he loves to see his Oma but the Bobcat is always a high priority.

Reminds me of my sister Carol and her love of horses when we visited our uncle's farm way back in the 50's. Soon as Dad stopped the car, Carol was off to the barn to see the horses; matter of fact as soon as we turned onto the farm road Carol would say "I smell the ponies". Owen doesn't smell the Bobcat but he is always excited when he sees it.

Owen in the driver's seat, ready to go to work.

Can't wait until he's old enough to drive it himself and help us clear bush and move logs. 

It was just a lovely time together, best Christmas present you can give a grandparent. 

Thanks for stopping by Owen. We love you.


  1. We had a wonderful time together, I only wish we could have stayed longer. Love you