This blog is about our travels in our solar powered "Airstream" and living off grid, in our passive solar home, near Bancroft, Ontario, Canada.

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Thursday 4 December 2014


This morning it's -9*C outside. We heat with wood and our stove keeps us warm and comfortable.

In the fall we bring up sufficient firewood to do for the winter season and stack it on our front porch. Until you have to go out in freezing cold you wont appreciate the great benefit of having your wood within reach of the front door.

This wood has been drying for over a year so it's ready to be used and burns cleanly. 

This is our method for bringing in the firewood. Leanne gave us this apron from Lee Valley  and it allows me to carry an armful of wood with just one hand. Clothes stay clean and the apron still looks brand new.

An evening by the fire munching popcorn makes winter in the north so much more enjoyable. Can you feel the warmth?

Thanks for stopping by and safe travels Bob.


  1. Your illustrated description of gathering firewood and enjoying sitting by the warmth of the fire, takes the word "frozen" out of the phrase "the frozen north"... even though it is:)

  2. Hi Don;

    Outside it is -7*C this afternoon. Inside we are sitting on the couch with the temperature at 20.8*C, no heat. It's sunny and that's what is keeping us warm at the moment. Another hour and the sun will be going down, time then to light the fire and enjoy the warmth of the wood stove. Maybe we will do soup on the stove for supper.

    Thanks for your comment and always good to hear from you.


  3. Art and Mary I am so impressed with your wood gathering apron. Must check out Lee Valley. My clothes usually look like I've been rolling in sawdust after a trip to the woodpile. Thanks for the tip. Continue to enjoy all your adventures. Glad you like the venison. Sorry to hear Mary is battling nasal issues. Hope she can find some relief. I am sure she has tried lots of venues. Have been busy making homemade Christmas treats. Lots cranberry Christmas crunch (YUMMY|) plus Christmas cakes and now 6 Christmas puddings steaming on the woodstove. Lisa is getting a batch of raspberry jam. Just made my own nuts and bolts for gifts as well. Had a pastry party here on Tuesday with 7 ladies. Learned some new tricks AND tasted lemon curd for the first time....OH if you have never had it, it's delicious. Must run.....stoves to watch,, house to clean....feeders to fill. Life is GREAT !