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Friday, 28 November 2014


Mary has been down helping to look after Owen this week so it has been very quiet here. Poor Owen got pinkeye and wasn't feeling very happy this week.

Yesterday my computer stopped working so today I drove down to Peterborough and picked up a new HP notebook. It will take me a few days to get everything working smoothly and find all the sites I enjoy visiting. Not sure how to make the transition between computers easy, especially when my computer was working fine in the morning and unresponsive in the afternoon.

While in Peterborough I stopped by to see Sean and Casey and helped Sean put up the plastic wrap for winter. It didn't take us long and this helps to keep their porch snow free.

It was also great to see Marvin and Annie at Costco, such a wonderful surprise. Always great to meet friends unexpectedly.

Home by 4 and now I need to download some more apps for this new computer.

My last one only lasted 16 months. Not impressed.

Safe travels everyone.

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