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Wednesday 5 November 2014


Whenever Mary is away she is concerned that I will have nothing to do. Up here that shouldn't be a concern; there is always a job waiting.

Yesterday morning I started early to get as many jobs done before the rain arrived as I could.

Chickens were the first priority, getting them out for a little exercise and making sure they had food and water for the day.

Next was the construction of another compost bin. We plan to have two vegetable gardens on the south side of the house and these will make for a good start in the spring.

Slowly we are moving around the house improving the landscape on the south and west sides. These areas have been neglected but yesterday I hauled a lot of brush that we had piled here during construction, further back into the bush.

This is our second firewood storage area and I cleaned up the pile of loose logs that had been dumped here last spring. They are now stacked beside the maple syrup evaporator ready to boil sap in April.

Our trees are bare and the land ready for winter. The birds and squirrels are busy collecting and storing seeds and soon all will be quiet, covered in a blanket of white.

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  1. WOW! You were very busy Art. The SW area looks great!