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Tuesday 4 November 2014


A great way for us to make easy quick meals is to use the pressure canner. This allows us to prepare several meals at once, reducing our time and propane.

This week Mary decided to make stew in the canner. It holds seven, quart jars at a time allowing us to prepare and cook seven meals that we can store on the shelf and use when a quick easy meal is wanted.

All the ingredients were cleaned, chopped and stacked ready for the jars.

The jars were filled and topped with boiling water ..............

then placed in the canner for ninety minutes.

Once cooled they are good to stay on the shelf for a year but will probably disappear before December gets here.

If you are preparing your own meals and have been hesitant to use a pressure canner we suggest giving it a try. For us it has become a new way for meal preparation without having to do each meal separately. 

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