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Friday, 12 September 2014


Two signs winter is coming; our hummingbirds have left and the road graders are out.

You can tell summer is over and we are into fall. Every day a few more leaves have lost their green and are showing us their colours. Always a delight to drive into town and spot the new patches of reds and oranges starting to tinge the edge of the forest.

Yesterday our road was graded, a sure sign the municipality is starting to think snow. They prepare the roads as best they can, ready for the plows that will be out on them in just a few weeks. We often see our first snowfall before the end of October.

But the change that heralds the new season is our loss of hummingbirds darting about our feeders. They've left. It's natural, part of their life cycle but sad none the less. We've enjoyed their colour and their antics all summer and now they have left on their long journey south. We miss them and come April will be watching again for their return.

New season are always a mixed blessing. Some familiar sights disappear and new chores are added to the menu of  jobs needing to be done. We are cutting more trees, clearing more bush and Matthew is back helping us accomplish these tasks. The days are cooler, the wind stronger and the rain more frequent. It's fall.

We love the seasons, just need to accept the need for warmer clothes, rain boots and shorter days. Soon the forest will be silent and we will enjoy the view across our pond as the wood crackles in our stove.

Thanks for stopping by. Time for me to start a fire.


  1. You're so optimistic while others whine about the cold weather. I do agree with you and feel we need the 4 seasons so we can appreciate each even more. So glad we are able to cope with each season's tasks and prepare for the next one. You are both living proof of this. YES it is sad to see the hummingbirds gone.

  2. Hi Pat;

    Thanks for keeping an eye on us. We love each season and what it brings. I'm looking forward to tons of snow this winter. It would be good for all the lodges up here. Still lots of bush to clear and wood to split. Must keep going. Enjoy the day.