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Wednesday 24 September 2014


Yesterday we were invited to join Durl and Linda cranberry picking. This was something Mary has wanted to do for ages so she was eager to get out and start picking.

We loaded their boat then headed up river to find that secret spot where cranberries grow.

Our equipment was rather basic, a few plastic buckets, hip-waders, rain jacket and we were set to pick berries.

Off we went across the bog, sloshing through the water looking for the illusive little red berries that grow close to the ground. 

Although the picking was slim and it rained off and on we thoroughly enjoyed the day.

Cruising down river we enjoyed the fall colours which are nearly at their peak so soon in the season.

Late in the afternoon it was time to head home and get the berries into the freezer. This Thanksgiving we will make our own cranberry sauce, yummy. 

Now if we can just remember the location of that cranberry patch next year.

Thanks Linda and Durl for introducing us to another great northern experience.

This morning we are hooking up the Airstream and heading north to Algonquin. There we will enjoy the fall colours, sitting around the campfire and listen for the loons calling across the water.

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