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Thursday 18 September 2014


I'm lazy. I prefer to have my firewood as close to my front door as possible. When it's -32*C I don't want to spend a lot of time outside getting firewood, matter of fact I prefer someone else go and get it but that's not about to happen.

So to minimize my time outside I stack our firewood on our front porch. It's sheltered, steps from the comfort and warmth of the house and well lit at night.

This year we are placing skids of firewood behind the stacked wood on the porch. The thinking is we should now have a sufficient amount of wood within easy reach of the front door for the entire winter. I'm still working on the elevated base for the skids.

The base is topped with two logs to allow drainage and provide support across the entire width of the base. Before the end of the month I want to have all the skids in position for the winter season.

It is a small challenge moving the skids into place, being careful not to hit the well pipe or bump the stones and knock the wall loose. 

Knowing that we have 4 cords of wood just outside our door makes it easy to sleep at night.

Looking forward to lots of snow that we can enjoy from the window by our stove.

This morning it is 3*C and our fire is crackling softly as we enjoy breakfast.

Stay warm and enjoy the day. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Wise as always. There is nothing quite as reassuring as a beautifully stacked woodpile. Bring on the winter...but not too soon. We still want to enjoy a gorgeous fall.

  2. Hi Pat;

    I agree. Be prepared but let's not rush the season. We are heading up to Algonquin Park this week to enjoy the fall colours.

    Thanks for staying in touch