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Monday 8 September 2014


We bought a bushel of field tomatoes at the Maynooth market last Saturday and have been busy canning tomatoes and making chili and salsa.

We use a pressure canner which reduces the time and takes the bottles to a much higher temperature.

The tomatoes are first cooked for 15 minutes before canning.

Here Mary is bottling chili which we sampled for supper last night. ........... Delicious!

We have enjoyed the whole experience and feel so comfortable using the pressure canner we may go out to the farm and get another bushel of tomatoes later this week.


  1. It looks delicieus! Winter may come and you can survive.
    Thanks for your email-answer.
    Greetings, Ad and Gertie

  2. I am quite interested in your pressure canner. This might be a GREAT gift for Matt and Lisa. I will try and get over before the end of the month to learn more !!!

  3. OH yes, what is the difference between a pressure cooker and a pressure canner ??? My mother has a great pressure cooker which she has offered to us and this might fit the bill.