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Tuesday 2 September 2014


Shawn was here by eight to install two exterior receptacles. I took lots of pictures of Shawn working only to discover after he left that the memory stick wasn't in the camera.  

We were able to run the wire up into the attic and then down the outside of the wall behind the steel siding; another advantage of using siding that is easily removed.

You can see the wire going up into the attic here through a hole we drilled through the foam insulation. Later today I will spray foam the places where we removed the foam.

Each outlet has a weather proof cover making it safer to leave the fridge plugged in. Yes we have our freezer outside on the porch. Why? It means during the winter months our freezer doesn't draw from our batteries. This reduces the demand on our batteries during the months it is hardest to keep them fully charged.

We installed one receptacle with a switch. This outlet will be used for plugging in the cars and bobcat during the cold winter mornings we have up here. Rather than have them draw electricity all night I can just step into the mechanical room and turn on the switch an hour or two before leaving. Once again this will reduce the draw on the batteries but still warm up the engine on those mornings when it's 30 below.

It's September and we are thinking and preparing for winter.  What are you doing?

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