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Saturday 6 September 2014


Went elderberry picking this morning. If you've ever eaten elderberry pie you know why we go looking for them. They grow wild in wet areas by the side of the road and right now they are in season up here.

The berries grow in clusters and need be be dark blue almost black before being picked.

We use scissors to snip the cluster, then drop it into a basket tied around our waist.

In just a few minutes we had this bag of elderberries.

Once home we stripped the berries off the stems and into a bowl.

We started off using a fork to strip off the berries but finished off just using our hands as we found it faster and easier.

We ended up with almost three pounds of berries which we will boil and put into the freezer. I think this batch will be used to make a nutritious morning drink high in vitamin C.

Still lots of berries to pick so we will go again next week. 

Thanks for stopping by and safe travels everyone.

1 comment:

  1. How wise you are to be reaping nature's great resources. I have never done elderberries but do recall doing chokecherries. Have not seen a lot of those up here. We did do down some crabapple jelly. A real winter treat BUT not nearly as nutritious as what you folks preserve. Lisa has done some fermented pickles and relishes. I will do sweet overnight pickles with Neil this weekend. As always |LOVE getting caught up on all your news.