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Tuesday, 11 February 2014


Propane is the heating fuel of choice for most Canadians living in rural locations. We use it for heating our water, cooking and for our in-floor heating.

Tank on the left buried in snow.

This winter the price of propane has gone through the roof. Local prices have reached $1.10/litre. We paid $0.63/litre last October. Our tanks holds over 1, 400 litres. At $0.63 it would cost $882.00 to fill the tank but push the price to $1.10 and now the cost skyrockets to $1,540.00. 

For many folks on a fixed income they have to decide, stay warm and have little left for food or have food and freeze. Neither choice is pleasant. 

There has been much speculation as to the reasons for this and many letters have appeared in our local paper denouncing the government for allowing this to happen.

Fortunately for us we can usually make it through the winter without needing to get the tank filled. Traditionally propane prices are highest in winter lowest in summer. During the coldest weeks this winter we were using about 52 litres of propane a week. Now we are down to 14 litres a week and I think we can hold off on filling the tank until June.

Lets hope this spike in price has receded by then and we are back to $0.55/litre.

If you bought propane this winter let me know what you paid. 

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