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Friday, 14 February 2014


After working on the back bathroom all morning we decided to visit Camp Can-Aqua and get some maple syrup supplies.

Al and Mary look over the supplies brochure and discussed what is essential for a small operation. Since this is our introductory season we plan to do 15 trees and then evaluate our efforts and setup.

Al explains the hydrometer and how important it is to the maple syrup production.

State of the art evaporator at Camp Can-Aqua. We won't be buying this anytime soon but it was good to hear that they too started out boiling sap in the driveway using a turkey pan, just like we will use.

Maple syrup production for us won't start until mid March but we are slowly getting ourselves ready.

Next we need to build the fire pit for the evaporator. We will use some left over Durisol blocks and discarded oven racks to support the evaporator pans. (turkey roaster) 

Happy Valentines Day everyone and thanks for stopping by.

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