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Sunday, 16 February 2014


Mary went ice-fishing the other day and brought back supper.

This is a splake that Douggie caught and gave to Mary.  It was delicious. Quite simply, Mary cleaned and prepared the splake with a wash of egg and a crust of pulsed almond slivers, a dash of salt and pepper and a slice of her own preserved lemon tucked inside.

We pan fried it on the wood stove where we do most of our cooking in the winter. 

We were hankering for a favourite summer dish of zucchini, tomatoes and onions sauteed up with a dollop of goat cheese.

We sometimes feel like homesteaders, growing our own food, catching fish in the lake and producing our own maple syrup. I just wish my grandmother who homesteaded in Saskatchewan could see how easy it is to live on marginal land here in northern Ontario.

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