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Wednesday, 5 February 2014


Several years ago Sherri was able to get us two Eames chair which we love and use every day. Between moves and use, the bracket at the back became loose and didn't provide the support needed. Reluctant to pull the fabric off to gain access to the problem area we simply made do.

Today with another storm rolling through I thought it a good time to tackle the problem.

First we placed the chair at a comfortable work height.

Removed the seat cushion which was very simple and then had easy access to the bracket.

Mark the new location and drill the holes.

Use bolts rather than screws to give us a solid attachment. We will paint the bolts to help them blend into the back.

Now the chair is solid and good as new and the total cost came to $3.50 for two chairs. Not bad considering the times.

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  1. I figured it should be an easy fix but wow, that was way easier than expected. Well done.