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Thursday 13 February 2014


We had a few balmy days last week and opened windows to enjoy the fresh air. When we went to close the windows in the evening ................. we had frozen windows.

Seems the warm air escaping through the windows did what warm air does everywhere when it meets cold air; it condenses.

Our windows were coated with a thick layer of ice along the open edge and they wouldn't budge. Unable to close them I stuffed towels along the opening to reduce the draft and went to bed.

Yesterday was warm, sunny and a great day for working outside. Using Mary's hairdryer we were able to melt and remove the ice with some effort and persistence. 

Now our windows keep the cold out the warmth in and our house is comfortable.

Sorry no pictures; holding the hairdryer, the extension cord and standing on a ladder meant the camera stayed inside.

Living in the bush makes one resourceful and independent.

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