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Saturday 22 February 2014


Did you see the Canadian women's curling team at the Olympics? I happened to catch a bit of their last game where they won gold, very exciting. I was on the edge of my seat, my heartbeat was on hold on every throw of the rock, and the shots, .... just incredible.

So last night a gang of us, non curlers, got a lesson in the game.

Ken and Sandy explained some of the rules and techniques for delivery the rocks.

Then we practiced. Those girls at the Olympics made it look so easy, when really it is so hard to get that rock down to the other end and have it stop on the spot you want. My rocks had a mind of their own. They even tried to join the game beside us, imagine that.

The instructors were very patient and you can even use a stick to get the rock moving; sort of like shuffleboard but you are on slippery ice and need to concentrate on your balance.

Gerry learning to talk to the rock. Yes, many of us thought the rock was very disobedient when we released it down the ice, so we would shout at it, but it never listened.

See that rock almost dead center, that's mine. I have no idea how I was able to do that but it did happen and I had to take a picture.

If you've never curled, try it. It's a lot of fun even if the rock never reaches the house. (That's the target painted on the ice at the other end of the rink)

Now I just need to rest my sore body and let my bruises heal.

Safe travels everyone.

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