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Friday, 28 June 2013


Looks like we will be eating lots of fish this summer. We were all in the mood for "fish and chips" last night so Mary and Connie headed down to the lake to try their luck.

They were soon back with a lovely string of bass and one small perch.

Mary looked after cleaning them while Connie cut up the sweet potatoes and made "sweet potato fries"

I fired up the BBQ ............................

and it just a few minutes we had a delicious meal of fresh caught fish, delicious fries and cabbage salad. This was a great way to end the day.

Looks like we will be doing more fishing and since the house is done, and we aren't travelling I think I'll join them.


See you in September.


  1. even with out seeing their faces you can tell they're sisters! Give my love to my mom for me! Happy fishing!

  2. OH Art you are hilarious. What a wonderful fisherwoman Mary has become. I am so impressed. The fact that you are eating bass and perch is something. Folks around here love trout and pickerel. What are your plans for Canada Day. We are dog sitting so Lisa, Matt and the boys are in London to visit Matt's family and introduce them to the wee man.
    Life is good here. Enjoyed a wonderful supper and concert with Charley Pride......yes we dined with Charley and his wife Roseen....such humbe, gracious folks. Tell you all about that later.
    Busy with our radio station as they celebrate their 10th anniversary. Doing a couple of broadcasts in the next few weeks plus entertaining our long lost friends from Hornings Mills.
    Love your blogs each day ...... feel cheated when you skip a day.
    Keep well and keep in touch.

  3. Hi, we are back just in time for summer in Holland: it started yesterday, but not such high temp. as in Bancroft. Here it is 23 degrees.You are enjoying summer in a good way with fresh fish and chips!
    Italie was nice; we had a good time. The last 3 weeks we saw the sun every day!! Good.
    Happy summer and until september!
    Love from Ad and Gertie