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Thursday 13 June 2013


Have you ever finished a project and then decided it was too small or changed its use and realized it needed more space?  Fortunately for us it was an easy fix.

You can see the original deck in the dark shaded area on the left. After getting it finished we decided to use it as our BBQ location. It was just too tight for that.

The easy solution was to call Peter.

In just a few hours we had expanded the deck to make room for the BBQ as well as a chair or two. This is now the perfect spot for the hamburgers, steaks, fish and chicken we might like to do on the barbecue.

We have also been busy thinning the bush so we have a better view of the pond and the activities on it. 

Always busy either modifying a project or starting new ones.

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  1. WEll your friend Peter is a wonderful carpenter. You are so lucky to have him close at hand. Love the pictures of your new addition and the property. Owen steals the show though I'm afraid, especially peeking through the gorgeous screen door !

  2. Nice expansion to the BBQ deck.
    It gives you more room to now stand well back from your flame throwing "Green Egg" BBQ :-)