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Monday 24 June 2013


With no air-conditioning and temperatures expected to go above  28*C = 82*F (feels like 37*C = 98*F) this week we need to find creative ways to stay cool.

Our house is super insulated and built like a thermos bottle.

Our blocks came with insulation.

We added 6 inches of spray foam under the concrete slab.

...... and 3 inches of spray foam to the walls.

Now with all that concrete and insulation the house temperature stays fairly constant.

We use our Green Egg for baking ......

...... don't those onion buns look delicious?

as well as BBQing. 

Out strategy is: keep the heat out and don't add to it while enjoying these real hot days.

I remember, before everyone had an air-conditioner, my mom would put newspaper on the windows to keep our house cool. Do you remember those days?

Summer has arrived and we are enjoying it in Bancroft..

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