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Thursday 27 June 2013


This week we are focused on my friend Wayne lung transplant and hospital care. We are so grateful that a lung was found and at the eleventh hour he was able to receive the transplant. This was a critical time for Wayne as his condition had deteriorated and without new lungs he wouldn't be here today.

His son sent this note last night:

"He's getting amazing care from the ICU nurses who are with him around the clock.  We can't say enough good things about the professional care dad's received at Toronto General."

Some of you might wonder what this operation and hospital stay is costing the family. The short answer is nothing, 0. In Canada, our hospital services are provided free of charge and funded through our taxes. Yes, we complain about high taxes, but when you have a loved one or friend go through what Wayne or our daughter Sherri went through you soon forget about high taxes. In many countries, such a medical procedure would bankrupt most families.

There are costs outside of the operation and hospital stay that the family will fund out of pocket. Wayne needs to stay close to the hospital once discharged for three months. This will require renting a house in Toronto which isn't easy or cheap. 

The good news is Wayne is recovering, and able to communicate by a writing pad as he has tubes down his throat.

Once again, if you have ever thought about being an "Organ Donor" do it now. In Canada every province has a registration web site and you can see Ontario's site on yesterday's blog. Mary and I signed up yesterday, that's two more donors than they had on Tuesday.

Let me know if you sign up and I'll pass on the news to Wayne. It would be an encouragement to him.

Thanks for stopping by and a special thanks to Rebecca who shared this story on her blog. Thanks Rebecca.

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  1. I even became an organ donor! I hope I got a few more people to as well!!