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Sunday 23 June 2013


As you saw in yesterday's post, Mary loves to fish. We enjoyed the bass for lunch, very tasty and hope to eat more this summer. We are surrounded by hundreds of lakes and there is variety of fish available. I will post more pictures as Mary brings home more fish.

After supper last night Paul called and asked me to bring the bobcat down to help move his chicken coop. They had decided to give their chickens away to a good home and put a notice on "kijiji".

 Within 30 minutes they had a reply and the birds were off to a new home. It took us a while but we finally squeezed the coop into the back of the truck, strapped it down and away the went. Since they didn't come back I assume they made it home safely. 

No pictures as I was too focused in lifting the coop and avoiding any damage to the truck.

Safe travels Tony and thanks for writing Shawn; those Honda Civics are very miserly on gas.

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