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Tuesday, 5 July 2016


Our neighbour very kindly dropped off a basket of freshly picked strawberries yesterday. (Thanks Perrette)

We decided to wash and freeze some for later use.

The rest we use fresh as needed. Here we added them to our salad and they certainly enhanced the flavour.

Tomorrow I want to share a delicious ice-cream recipe we have been enjoying these hot afternoons. It's made with fresh cherries, a fruit I don't usually enjoy. You will love it. (no sugar added)

Our chickens arrive next week so today we are going to order their food. Once they are a little older Mary plans are making her own mix of grain feed for them.

Lots to keep us busy here. I must add some shelter areas to our chicken pen before next week. No shortage of work.

Thanks for stopping by and make sure you have a bowl of cherries ready for tomorrow.

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  1. Yummy!! I trust that Mary is doing well. The home grown fresh picked berries are so much better than the ones with the white centers we get at the store.