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Saturday, 9 July 2016


Mary is feeling stronger every day so we decided to head north and enjoy supper by the lake last night.
The lodge is located on the shore of Spectacle Lake which is about a mile in width and a mile and a half in length. Unfortunately it was cloudy and the sunset was a non event.

There are a number of cabins for rent overlooking the lake and you can cook your own food or eat at the lodge.
I started with a salad before enjoying the Chinese Buffet. The food was delicious and the atmosphere was pure northern Ontario; log buildings, pristine lake, pine trees, rocks and the silence of the forest.

Our view from our table.
Definitely a place we will return to as we explore more of this area and find these hidden gems.

Mary was exhausted by the time we got home so it was an early night, until the thunderstorm arrived and woke us up.

Today I think we will enjoy the "Wheel, Water and Wings" activities in town.

Thanks for stopping by and safe travels everyone.


  1. Good to read that Mary is endoying life again.
    Ad is working hard these days with friends to renew our roof.

  2. Thanks Ad and Gertie. Is your roof made from clay tile? I'm sure it will be perfect when done as I know how particular and accurate Ad is. I prefer to work with both feet on the ground, but that's me; always thinking about what could happen. Be safe and send me pictures when it's done.