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Friday, 15 July 2016


I had planned on covering the roof of the coop with  just a tarp but Paul was here and something more substantial could be built with his help.
First job was to attach trusses to support the fabric. I used 1x4s which will do fine in the rain but will need additional support under a snow load.
I had a roll of Tyvek from our house construction and Paul helped me haul it into place. It gives us a seamless cover although not as durable as steel roofing. I'll keep my eyes open for another steel shed that someone is discarding.

I need to add additional strapping over the cover to keep the wind from making it a sail but I'll do that another day.

Have you ever noticed how baby chicks love to squeeze into the most difficult place and lie on top of each other? Must be for comfort as it can't be for warmth on these hot days.  (30*C)

Everything seems secure and the chicks are happy to have a dry place to live.

Thanks for stopping by and keeping an eye on us.  Let me know if you are discarding a steel shed.

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  1. Art, you guys amaze me over and over with your ingenious ideas. I'm inspired everyday when I read your blog.