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Wednesday, 13 July 2016


Today the chickens arrive and I think we are ready. Yesterday Paul and I finished the shelter inside the coop. Thanks to Marvin, it is roofed in steel which should keep them dry. As you can see I first covered the frame with Tyvek house wrap then the steel siding.

Looks good and will easily shed water.

I still had the doors and some roofing from Marvin's old shed so secured them to the top of the coop to provide shade and divert some water. Not pretty but practical.

I had to use a piece from our house construction to complete the one corner. It's a chicken coop, so using scraps is fine.

Here Paul and I secure the roof sheathing to the ridgepole. 

I think we are ready.

Now I need to hook up the trailer and collect our birds. I'll post those pictures tomorrow.

Thanks Paul and Durl for your help and Marvin for the steel. Our chickens will have a happy home.


  1. Art, it's just like making a scrappy quilt. You use up what's in your stash and I think the coop looks just fine.

  2. Thanks Ruth;

    That's a great comparison. From now on I'll look at my coop from a different perspective.