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Monday 27 June 2016


I thought this might be a good time to reflect on the events of the past few months. As this was our first time dealing with a major health issue we naturally had fears and concerns as the journey began.

Mary has been seen at the Bancroft hospital,  Bellevile hospital, Peterborough hospital and St Michael's hospital in Toronto throughout the past six months. In all but one incident she was treated with compassion and courtesy, each individual answering her questions and explaining how the test was done. We do have a nursing profession that truly cares for their patients.

Mary's nurse practitioner here in Bancroft who took  immediate action and got the ball rolling without delay is the best caregiver anyone could have. She set aside the time needed to go over Mary's tests and explain the results so we both understood what was happening and what needed to be done. We were never rushed or embarrassed by the questions we asked. Thank you Christine, you are a blessing.

Her oncologist, Dr Dixon, at Peterborough was gentle and encouraging passing her on to St Michael's hospital when he felt she needed to see a surgeon.

Dr Das at St. Michael's hospital is a true gem of a doctor. He embodies all those qualities you so look for when you are dealing with major health problems; sensitivity, patience, compassion, empathy, the ability to reassure you and reduce the fears of the unknown. We couldn't have found a better neurosurgeon if we had gone searching ourselves. 

That's not to say other surgeons in Toronto are not of the same standard but rather speaks of the depth and quality of our doctors one finds at our critical care hospitals in this province. We are blessed.

The nurses, physiotherapists, nursing assistants, anesthetist, all took time to support Mary, make her comfortable and put her at ease.

Our family and friends who sent words of encouragement, lifted us in prayer, dropped off meals we will enjoy for days to come, who stopped by for short visits and were so complimentary on Mary's progress, we thank you. You lifted our spirits and brought smiles when we needed them most; you have made this journey possible.

A special thanks to Mary's sister Connie who came with us to take notes at our first meeting with Dr Dixon. She cleared her agenda so she could be there for her sister and make sure we recorded all the information given. Fortunately all the news was good and we left the meeting ready to celebrate. Thank you Connie.

Finally to our children;  Leanne who rented a car so her Mom could travel home in comfort, we thank you. She stayed and made sure her Mom was looked after royally, feeding her delicious meals and making sure she didn't overextend herself.  To our daughter Sherri who sent flowers and called everyday to chat and lift her Mom's spirits, thank you; you put your Mom at ease and made her laugh whenever you chatted. And to our son Sean who called and chatted and put a smile on his Mom's face every time they spoke, thank you. Each of you has a special place in your mom's heart.

Our journey isn't over. We have more tests and doctors' visits next month but we believe we are over the "hump" and slowly returning to our normal, tranquil, daily routines. 

This is the type of care and support everyone in this world needs and deserves. Thank you for walking this path with us and making our journey so much lighter than it could have been. You are a blessing to us.

Safe travels everyone and thanks for keeping an eye on us.


  1. Thank you for sharing Art. You and Mary have a special place in our hearts and we will continue to pray for a clean bill of health.

  2. Thanks Ruth. We love you guys and appreciate your prayers. Thanks for keeping an eye on us.