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Wednesday 29 June 2016


Mary's recovery so far as been much better than anticipated. Her pain is greatly reduced and she often travels without her cane. 

She misses working and puttering around in her garden but did manage to pick a basket of rose petals yesterday.

These will be used in a hand cream she makes which doesn't just smell and feel wonderful but actually helps heal and restore the skin thanks to all the natural ingredients she collects on our morning walks. (Hopefully they will resume in a few weeks)

She also has the strength to help Leanne in a small way. Mary in this photo is holding the grass while Leanne attaches it to the frame.

Such activities are short and followed by a rest but each day she finds she can do a little more or last a little longer. The challenge has become to watch that she doesn't overextend herself.

Tomorrow the staples come out and that will be another step forward.


  1. I'm so happy to see Mary moving about a little. You are on the GWEA prayer list, Mary, so many people are holding you up to the Lord.

  2. Thanks Ruth.
    Hi Lori. Today (Thursday) Mary had the 17 staples removed. She was very queasy during the drive but once we got her out to walk she was fine. She is moving slowly, cautiously but now able to sit without pain in her leg. We will try walking the road after supper. Thanks for asking.